If you want to grab the color anywhere on your screen just give this a try. Great example for it’s use is matching type color.

1. Select the Eyedropper Tool. The Eyedropper Tool makes it easy to sample colors in even the smallest areas of a photo. For example, you’ll be able to sample your friend’s eye color, or even her shade of lipstick. Imagine the possibilities of being able to select from so many different colors.

2. When you find a color you simply must have for future photos, use the Eyedropper Tool to sample that color. Simply hover over the color and click it. The color is immediately sampled and can then be saved.

3. Look under your Workspace for the Color palette. Next to the Color tab, there is a tab named Swatches. You will need to switch to this tab in order to save a sampled color.

4. To save the current color, hover over a blank area in the Swatches Palette and right-click on it.

5. Name your sampled color. Once you right-click on a blank swatch, a box will come up asking you to name the new color. Once you have named the color, it will be saved to the Swatches palette.


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