Thanks to Starr Petronella, a Gwinnett Technical College classmate, for posting her five from tumblr for Mr. Jones’ class. Overall tumblr is a great site. I like the fact that the blogs tend to be sparse. Or maybe I’m drawn to those. Being one not big on chit chat I feel comfortable here. I thought it was a great idea so here are my five picks.

1. David Karp is the creator of tumblr. Most tumblr blogs have an “Ask me Anything” link which I like. Also an “Archive” link where you can see alot of their posts in thumbnail format. Could not have a list without the creator.

2. recidivism a thirty-five millimetre blog by David Zilber. Unfortunately there is no about me tab for his blog. He does have a link euonia which is a blog of quotes.

3. rolaroid (luxury tight) is an interesting blog. All the usual tabs are there with an interesting addition. Submit, evidently he offers the reader the opportunity to post to his blog. I sure hope he has approval before they show on his page.

4. I Make Photos Daily is from Douglas Dollars a portrait photographer from Edmonton, Canada. His blog has a black background and only one photo per page. His blog has captions under the photos which I like. His images are very large, maybe a little too large?

5.  dk photoblog is a blog by a photographer from Calgary, Canada. His blog is simple but informative. I like how the images are large enough but not over powering. On the left are his categories that move as you scroll down. On the right is the information for each photograph. I like how the tags are shown. When you want to see a larger version click on his photo and it opens a larger image.

The thing about tumblr I like overall is the Archive on each blog where you go to see all the posts in thumbnail format and when you see one that inspires you just click it and you are taken there. The image below is from I Make Photos Daily.


Comments on: "Five interesting tumblr blogs" (2)

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  2. It was definitely a challenge to find good photographers. It’s like a treasure hunt.

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