In space-travel circles, it’s apparently a well-known fact that the moon smells like gunpowder. And now, that intoxicating aroma can belong to the average Joe Spacelover – thanks to a series of scratch & sniff lunar photographs.

Sue Corke, the person responsible for creating the prints, explains her motivation: “I like the idea of creating a false memory. Smell, place and memory are very closely linked. No one who sniffs our postcard from the moon is ever likely to go there. Yet now I hope this is a smell, similar to a freshly struck match, which will always remind them of it.”

Q. If I hand my camera to another person to shoot a few frames, who owns the copyright for the images?

A. Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Unless the photo is a work made for hire, then the other person – not you – owns the copyright. However, depending on the circumstances, you likely have an implied license to use the photograph for personal uses. For example, if you ask someone to take a shot of your family on vacation, you could do things such as print the photo for display in your home, post the photo on your personal Facebook page, or share the photo via email with friends or family. But you probably wouldn’t have the right to enter the photo into a contest or license it for commercial purposes.


Comments on: "Introducing Scratch & Sniff Moon Photography" (1)

  1. This is awesome! I want one!

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