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What I learned…


What I learned…

What I learned…

Little Girl

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Daddy’s little girl

In March of 2009 my nephew, who was in the National Guard, was deployed to Iraq. We went to Milledgeville, GA for their send off. I took alot of photos but I think this one was the most telling one of them all. When I downloaded the images to my computer and saw this image I knew I had to do something with it. The image below is what I came up with and I posted it to my nephew’s Facebook page.

The wife of the man and girl in the photo saw it and requested a copy. I was more than happy to send it off for them to have while their loved one was overseas.

Final video from Multi Media I

During summer quarter we were required to make videos. This is the last video of the series. It is just two years from my life highlighting the years we lived in Libya, N. Africa. This period of my life was one of the most exciting. Experiencing a different culture, meeting people from other countries and living through a revolution masterminded by Muammar al-Gaddafi. Enjoy.