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How to Photograph Christmas Lights and Other Holiday Events

Creative Ways for Photographing the Holidays

Don’t miss BetterPhoto founder/photographer Jim Miotke’s excellent article – Top Ten Tips for Better Holiday Photos – with techniques to make great pictures of Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other mid-winter holiday. Some highlights from Jim’s guide:

Compose Creatively and Move in Close
Whether you are photographing the symbolic subjects of the holidays or your friends and family, look for interesting camera angles and viewpoints. Then place your subject off-center, and move in tighter – i.e., focus on the essentials, leave out the distracting extras.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
Especially if your subject is a child opening a gift – or playing with a gift for the first time – the scene can change in a split second. There is often just a few brief moments when that “magic spark” appears. So be ready, and keep shooting! Continue reading here.