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Uploaded my first YouTube video

The video was a class assignment to show my work and add music to the video. This was the first video I put together. It is pretty basic but I got a grade!


I’m on a mission

Before I bought a digital slr I shot mostly slides, Kodachrome to be exact. I’ve brought out the Nikon CoolScan 4000 I have had forever and I’m going to see about scanning those old slides. I don’t remember why I stopped scanning them maybe life just got in the way. Maybe I just didn’t understand what I was doing way back then. I just tried the software and it keeps quitting on me so I will have to research and see if I need a new driver. Mr. Jones is probably thinking “you need a new computer” since I was complaining of the beach ball icon.  Hopefully I can use this iMac and will soon have something to show for my troubles.

Per Mr. Jones’ request is the blog I saw that made me want to use the theme Spectrum that I’m using. It is clean and of course love the colors. is a blog with great macro photos. The template (Emire)  is simple and clean and the areas are nicely defined. This template (Eligant Grunge)  has that grunge feel without being overly messy. Although I am usually drawn to colorful themes this one makes the images stand out and brings things up a notch.

Holiday Portrait Time

Check out Teresa Hewitt and Ta-Tanisha Browne’s post about the Holiday Portrait offered by Gwinnett Technical College Commercial Photography students. They both have very good information about the event.

Two classmates with great looking blogs

I am very impressed with the new look of their blogs. Teresa Hewitt‘s new look is very classy and clean. Jessica Tedone did a great job updating her blog. These two classmates have really stepped it up a notch and are two to watch in the Gwinnett Tech Photography program. Way to go!

I’m obviously making this harder than it needs to be

I’m trying to stop reading into things and let the template guide me but it hasn’t been successful yet. It is driving me crazy but I figured I could post and they would be correct and add to my 10 count and by the time I get the layout figured out then everything will fall into place. 🙂