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Places 2 Explore

I just found Peter Talke’s WordPress blog and I am really enjoying what I found. The angles he shoots, his eye for a good picture and his dedication. It seems he has traveled everywhere and taken images of each and every place. I’m so jealous of his travels. He has his own website along with all the usual blogs.


Trip to Roswell Mill

A few months ago Willina and I visited Roswell Mill. It was a beautiful day and we explored the surrounding area for a few hours. We climbed up some steep trails and finally found the dam on Vickery Creek. The dam is 30 feet and was constructed in the mid to late 1830s to supply power for the mill. Here is one of the images I came away with.

Wonderful Flickr Set

parallel planets 

Originally uploaded by Steve took it


The set is called waterdrops. There is also an explanation on how he shoots them. They are so delicate and happy they make me smile. I have to try to take some images using his techniques. Thanks to Steve for sharing.

Have you ever seen a transparent butterfly?

Glasswing Butterfly (Greta Oto) is a brush-footed butterfly where its wings are transparent. The tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass. They are found in the range which extends throughout Central America into Mexico.

Before I knew what I should be doing

Here is one of my older images. I think the composition is good and I like the texture of the tree against the flowers. However, when I get a chance to work on this in PSD I will try to bring down the brightness of the flowers so the texture they have will show through.