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Avoid Disappointing the Bride and Groom With a Wedding Shot List

I know some of my classmates are interested in wedding photography and I found this article to be very interesting. Hope you will too. Brought to you by Spectrum Photography Tips.

When photographing a wedding, you could be obtaining the most beautiful, artistic shots, but you’ll never be forgiven if you miss something the bride really wanted – even if it’s as seemingly inconsequential as a picture of her and a distant cousin. That’s why it’s important to go over a wedding shot list with the bride and groom before the big day. Click on the photo to continue reading the article and see a sample wedding photography list of shots.

Ansel Adams, Street Photographer: 1940s Los Angeles

All well known photographers have to start somewhere. We’ve all seen the landscapes. But Ansel Adams as a street photographer? Who knew!

Although well-respected by the 1930s, the famous landscape photographer could not have sustained his Sierra series, for example, if it were not supplemented by commercial work. According to the Ansel Adams Gallery: “Clients ran the gamut, including the Yosemite concessionaire … Kodak, Zeiss, IBM, AT&T, a small women’s college, a dried fruit company, and Life, Fortune … in short, everything from portraits to catalogues to Coloramas.”