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I think this will be funny to all my classmates

To All the Friends I’ve Un’ed Before by Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker for National UnFriend Day. “Cut out some of the friend fat in your life,” Jimmy Kimmel announced on his show last week to promote today’s National Unfriend DayNovember 17.


Second video uploaded, How to Hula Hoop

This “How To” video was chosen by me because everyone knows few of the older generation can still hula hoop. Thought it would be very funny to watch. Makes you wonder why the “skill” goes away with age. Maybe our spines just don’t rotate like they used to. Enjoy.

Uploaded my first YouTube video

The video was a class assignment to show my work and add music to the video. This was the first video I put together. It is pretty basic but I got a grade!

Fastest thing in the planet

Everyday objects and simple actions contain a microscopic world. One of the contributor’s was Dr. Klaus Schmitt, Weinheim, Germany. His website is called Photography of the Invisible World.

Rick Sammon’s Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

Who is Rick Sammon? He has published 36 books, several apps are associated to him,  has photographed in almost 100 countries, hosts five shows on and writes for PCPhoto. The video was filmed on location in the Valley of Fire State Park, NV.