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Places 2 Explore

I just found Peter Talke’s WordPress blog and I am really enjoying what I found. The angles he shoots, his eye for a good picture and his dedication. It seems he has traveled everywhere and taken images of each and every place. I’m so jealous of his travels. He has his own website along with all the usual blogs.


While doing research on Tumblr I ran across this

Social Marker is a service designed to aid in the process of submitting websites and web pages to social bookmarking and social news sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon to name a few. In a few days after it was launched in late 2007 it became one of the most used service of its kind mainly because satisfied people wrote about it and made a buzz.

Until now there were just a few changes made to the website in order to provide better experience for the users and some features have been added but feedback has been gathered and we are making plans to update SocialMarker and get users involved in the process.

There is a lot of  interesting information on this site. Check it out.

Facebook page

syndi digital photo

Per Mr. Jones’ request is the blog I saw that made me want to use the theme Spectrum that I’m using. It is clean and of course love the colors. is a blog with great macro photos. The template (Emire)  is simple and clean and the areas are nicely defined. This template (Eligant Grunge)  has that grunge feel without being overly messy. Although I am usually drawn to colorful themes this one makes the images stand out and brings things up a notch.

I’m obviously making this harder than it needs to be

I’m trying to stop reading into things and let the template guide me but it hasn’t been successful yet. It is driving me crazy but I figured I could post and they would be correct and add to my 10 count and by the time I get the layout figured out then everything will fall into place. 🙂